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Laurie Cima
5 days ago
Fantastic selection. Staff was very helpful and friendly, Hannah knows how to provide customer service👏
Kitty Boso
3 months ago
Best shoe experience! Tori is the real deal! Knowledgeable, interested in making sure you have the right shoe! Extremely engaging and customer focused!
Van Sanders
2 months ago
Super friendly and attentive. I bought shoes and they're on my feet, caressing the toes, making me look incredible. I feel incredible. I'm in ecstacy
Simon Bidart
3 months ago
I arrived without my shoes lost in the river and the team had been so kind with me. Thank you again!
Jillian Koland
6 months ago
The staff was super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable of the shoe styles I was trying on- I ended up purchasing and my feet feel fantastic! I would highly recommended shopping with Birkenstock-Bend Shoe.
David Olmsted
a year ago
Very delightful experience! Ashley did an excellent job fitting the shoe to my foot. Wonderful selection and very professional staff. The customer service, with attention to detail was excellent. Again I want to commend Ashley on doing a fantastic job! Great place to shop!
Jennifer Lyman
a year ago
Friendly staff and a great selection! I bought my first pair of Birkenstock sandals here this summer and I won’t take them off! So comfy- definitely a favorite. Planning on heading in soon for some winter boots! Sometimes I go in just to say hi, love this store!
7 months ago
Very friendly staff. I asked for a 5.5 shoe, she pointed me to Sorel, on SALE! I get a lot of compliments on this shoe.
Rod Kuehnast
6 months ago
Great selection great merchandise but a little pricey
Saving Grace
10 months ago
Our recent Client Holiday celebration would NOT be the same without Birkenstock! Our clients and their families feel so loved and supported through their generous donations.
Warm Springs,Oregon N8iV
9 months ago
Great place for shoes and if they don’t stock your size the will order them for you and call you when they receive them for you
Oleg D.
a week ago
Good place
Karen Griffin
a year ago
The staff was super friendly and inviting. I loved the variety of shoes and appreciated the help of the staff to find the perfect pair of birkenstocks for this summer. I will be back when I need my next pair for sure! Local shopping at it’s best!
Crystal McKay
a year ago
I went into this store recently, looking for a new pair of sandals for summer. I was so impressed by their selection and very friendly staff. I will definitely be back!
Tammy Altimus
6 months ago
Great shoes and outstanding service!!
Brooklynn Carpenter
a year ago
The staff and environment is so welcoming here. The store has a great variety and lots quality shoes!!
Mrs. Sanchez
a year ago
Went in last week to get a pair of $100 shoes and service was terrible. Must have stood in the store for a good 10-15mins with my husband and not a single employee helped us!! I couldn't buy the shoes fast enough to get out of there. Will most definitely be shopping online from now on! Would not recommend this store save your self the headache and order online from offical website.
Tom Johnson
a year ago
Have purchased three pairs of shoes from this store. Staff is always very helpful, extremely knowledgeable. A pleasure to shop here.
Cindy Glover
a year ago
Recently went in just looking, walked out with two new pairs of comfortable shoes. Staff was great, very helpful.
Emma Poindexter
a year ago
Last year, I purchased a pair of birkenstock from here and had fantastic consumer service. I wish I could say the same about the service I received yesterday, but unfortunately it was awful. I went in to purchase a new pair of birkenstock and when I asked to try on a size, the woman helping me was hesitant to even let me try the shoes the on. When she brought them out, I tried to reach for them to try them on and she acted like it was a problem that I wanted to try on my $130 pair of shoes before I purchased them! After I finally was able to try them on and decided on purchasing them, I asked her if they still had the student discount. The last time I had gone there (July 2017), they gave me a 10% discount for my birkentsock for being a student. She told me that that doesn't exist and that it never has, even though, I personally received the discount just a few months ago and know friends who have also received it. I wasn't upset about not getting the discount because I was going to purchase the shoes either way, but the way she handled the situation was terrible. She tried to accuse me of never having purchased shoes at the store before because no one would have ever given me that kind of discount. She even went as far to ask me which person helped me and then again seemed to accuse me of having never purchased from their store because I didn't remember the name of the man who had assisted me 9 months ago! She was very rude and I actually felt a little degraded by her. I will never shop at this store again!!
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